Tata Motors, India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, has launched the Intra V70, Intra V20 Gold, and Ace HT+ to enhance efficiency in first and last mile transportation.

According to company officials, these vehicles are designed to carry higher payloads over longer distances and offer superior economics, making them suitable for various applications in urban and rural India.

Tata Motors has introduced improved versions of its Intra V50 and Ace Diesel vehicles, aiming to lower fuel consumption and ownership costs. These new launches provide a wide range of small commercial vehicles and pickups, allowing customers to choose the most suitable vehicle for their needs. Bookings are now available at all Tata Motors CV

Tata Motors offers customers reliable vehicles, value-added services, and a wide range of benefits, including India’s largest service network, Fleet Edge telematics system, annual maintenance contracts, spare availability, and SampoornaSeva 2.0 program.

Mr. Girish Wagh, Executive Director, Tata Motors said, “Every vehicle is designed to provide a robust and reliable cargo transport solution along with the assurance of greater commercial benefits to individual customers as well as fleet owners, both proudly servicing the buoyant needs of Indiaā€™s growingĀ economy.ā€¯