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Monday, May 27, 2024

TIPRA Motha party joining BJP-led government is nothing surprising, says Manik Sarkar

Agartala, Mar 9: In a turn of events TIPRA Motha party after signing the tripartite agreement and joined the BJP-led government. Taking a dig former chief minister of Tripura Manik Sarkar said it was nothing surprising.

Sarkar said,” like earlier this time also the tribal based party which has been fighting for separate tribal state Greater Tipraland has diverted from its core demand in the tripartite agreement is missing”.

The former chief minister expressed his concerns regarding the tripartite agreement’s lack of mention of key issues such as ‘Greater Tipraland’ or a constitutional solution, leading to suspicions of undisclosed internal conditions.

He added that TIPRA Motha party instead of waiting for any outcome of the agreement has swiftly joined the government, completing the circle of alliances that favored the BJP.

Sarkar further said that it was not surprising that the Motha had joined the government because the party was already in very unstable circumstances and many of its leaders and MLA were trying to become Ministers while others had already joined BJP and the few other members section were in contact with the CPIM.

The former CM also announced Jitendra Chaudhary as the leader of the opposition in the House after opposition TIPRA Motha joining the government.

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