Elgiva Gwyneth Rynjah


Trinamool Congress (TMC) candidate from North Shillong, Elgiva Gwyneth Rynjah, on February 18, rained fire at Union Home Minister Amit Shah for branding Meghalaya as the most corrupt state, maintaining that the saffron party is also a part of the MDA government.

Attacking the BJP, the TMC candidate said, “After being partners in corruption for five years, now that the elections are here, BJP has woken up to the corruption and scams peddled by the MDA government. Why didn’t the BJP do anything in the past five years when the state was being looted by their own partners? Where were the Central Investigative Agencies that are over-active in Opposition-ruled states?”

Alleging that the BJP is resorting to last-minute election gimmicks to fool the people of Meghalaya. She said, “BJP didn’t take action in the past five years because they were a part of the corruption. They have sold our rights, and the state while the money from our state was going to political leaders in Delhi, Assam, and Gujarat. But now, that the elections are just around the corner, BJP has chosen to engage in empty ‘jumla- baazi’ again.”

Branding BJP as the most corrupt party, the Meghalaya TMC leader said, “BJP is the most corrupt and communal party in the whole country. The people of Meghalaya aren’t corrupted, but it is BJP that made the leaders of our state corrupted. If Amit Shah has the guts, let him send the ED to raid the politicians who are part of this MDA government.”

The North Shillong candidate also lambasted Amit Shah for looting the money of the common man of Meghalaya. “Where is the money of Meghalaya? It went to Amit Shah and his group. TMC, as the principal opposition in the state, will fight against the divisive force and ensure that BJP bites the dust on March 2,” she said during her door-to-door visit to the constituency.

With less than ten days for the ensuing assembly polls in Meghalaya, Meghalaya TMC North Shillong candidate, Elgiva Gwyneth Rynjah is seen on the ground, interacting with the people of the constituency with consecutive meetings, determined to leave no stone unturned.