Bansharailang Pyngrope

The students’ union of the Trinamool Congress (TMC), on January 29, came down heavily against other political parties – including NPP and BJP – for running a smear campaign against TMC’s 10 pledges for Meghalaya instead of focussing on their own vision.

Stating that the party’s 10 Pledges for Meghalaya are not just promises but are goals and vision for the next five years, TMC Students’ Union Meghalaya president Bansharailang Pyngrope said, “In the past few days, we have seen many political parties attacking the Meghalaya TMC saying we are making empty promises. But these are not just promises for us. The 10 pledges reflect our objectives and goals for the next five years. If with the love and support of our people, we form the government, these are the things that we will work on.”

Notably, the party had on January 24 launched TMC’s 10 Pledges for Meghalaya after extensive consultation and deliberation with stakeholders from all walks of life.

Following the launch, TMC National General Secretary, Abhishek Banerjee, assured that the pledges would be implemented within 100 days of forming the government.
Meghalaya TMC Legislature Party Leader, Mukul Sangma, had said that the pledges reflect the need of the people of Meghalaya and it would be the party’s first priority to ensure delivery of the same.
“It is not an easy task to fulfill but we are here to work tirelessly because Meghalaya TMC is the only party that has formulated the schemes based on the needs of every citizen and every household. That is why the people of our beautiful state are putting faith in our party,” the Students’ Union leader said on Sunday, adding that there are over 3.5 lakh registrations for the WE Card Scheme and 2.5 lakh enrolments for the MYE Card Scheme.
“This clearly shows that the people of Meghalaya are getting united and will place their faith in Meghalaya TMC,” he said.
Recalling the MDA government’s promises before the 2018 elections, Pyngrope added, that members of the current government came to their colleges in 2018 and said that their number one priority is education.
But he said that all have seen how the state ranks at the bottom in every index.
Pyngrope said that it is disheartening to see that unemployment is at its highest and infrastructure is pathetic.
He said, “This clearly shows that this current dispensation has fooled the people. But Meghalaya TMC is not like that and this is why I request my friends and fellow citizens to place their trust in TMC.”