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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Tongkhar confident of MDA returning to power…


Hill State People’s Democratic Party (HSPDP) leader and cabinet minister Renikton Lyngdoh Tongkhar on Monday said there was no question of the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) not retaining power after the 2023 assembly elections.

“MDA will come back (after the 2023 polls). The only question is who will lead (the government),” Tongkhar said.

Heaping praise on the style of functioning of the incumbent Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma, the HSPDP leader said he is very capable. “I really like the way he functions,” he said adding that he would openly say how bright and humble he is even in his first tenure as chief minister. “I hope he will do far better in the second term if he gets the chance,” he said.

He, however, said it will depend on the NPP whether it will allow Sangma to continue as chief minister or elect somebody from Khasi-Jaintia Hills region.

“Similarly, other parties will also choose whom they will project as chief ministerial candidate as this is purely a party matter,” Tongkhar, who is holding charge of PHE, SAD, etc added.  

When asked about the allegations of corruption against the MDA government, the cabinet minister reminded that there is no government which is free from allegations.

“Allegations will always be there but people will take the final call and decide whom to vote for. I think they understand better and I think the results (in 2023) will speak,” he said.

Claiming the MDA has made its best effort to serve the people of Meghalaya, Tongkhar said it is only this government which dared to take up issues which others have failed for the past many years.

He cited the instances of the Harijan Colony and border dispute. “It is difficult but yet this government is trying to shift them. Besides, no government has really tried to resolve the interstate border issues for the past 50 years, but this government has,” he said adding there has been large-scale development in the state.

He added, “Yes, criticism will be there, we accept and we will also explain to the people what we have done and I can only say that this government has performed. People may say that this is an inexperienced government but we have done the best and this government under the leadership of Conrad K Sangma has performed wello.”

On the anti-government campaign launched by some of the coalition partners, Tongkhar said it really is foolish on their part as being part of the government, they are trying to find fault with it. 

He stated that all should take collective responsibility as it is difficult to control other departments as there are ministers in-charge of each and every department and they are primarily responsible for everything.

“Personally, I feel it doesn’t look nice we are charging against each other being in the same government,” he added.

Further, the HSPDP leader said people should not believe allegations until and unless they can be proved.  

When asked,  Tongkhar said, “We have not discussed this in the party but I am expressing my personal opinion. My personal view is that I have seen all the ministers have tried their best to perform. Of course, I cannot protect anybody from allegations whether they have done or have not done. I have nothing to say as I am nobody to certify about the things done by somebody else. That is why I cannot say anything on this until and unless proved clearly, I don’t want to blame anybody on this. Yes, we will clarify from our side and everybody will clarify as we will go to the elections in a few months and the people will decide.”

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