An assistant professor of Tripura University, who had developed a ‘portable suitcase water purifier’ in the year 2019, is using it to deliver almost 250+ litres of drinking water to flood victims in Assam’s Silchar.

Speaking to The MeghalayanAssistant Professor of the Department of Chemical and Polymer Engineering of Tripura University, Er. Harjit Nath, said that they voluntarily collected relief materials from students, and professors of Tripura University and arrived in Silchar for distribution on June 29.

“Students, Professors, and even the Vice-Chancellor of Tripura University have come together and whatever was possible, be it money, clothes, food, etc. they have donated to the flood-affected people of Silchar ,” he said.

“The water purifier can deliver WHO-standard pure water. The device can work both on electricity and solar power. In case both are unavailable, it can still purify water using rechargeable batteries. It can even light up a small area with its 5W LED bulb. This product is a one-stop solution for various problems. Even people can charge their mobile phones,” the professor said.

He said that on June 29 they distributed around 200 litres of purified drinking.

“It can purify a litre of water within two minutes and at the most five minutes and can also be used to charge mobile phones. We have purified the flood water and distributed around 200 litres of water”, he informed.

Meanwhile, Tripura University informed that they have sent a six-member team to Silchar with a huge amount of food items, clothes, medicines, flood water purifier machines, and all such things which are absolutely necessary for human beings under such devastating conditions in the neighboring state of Assam. Headed by Nath, the team went to Udharbond, Silchar, and its vicinity.

Vice-Chancellor Prof. Ganga Prasad Prasain, and Registrar Dr. Deepak Sharma, congratulated the team for doing the noble work for the society and assured that the university will always come forward to serve the society.