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Sunday, September 24, 2023

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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Tynsong praises FOCUS, PRIME as blessing for SHGs, coop societies

Deputy CM rubbishes Mukul’s charge, questions him on Crowborough Hotel


Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong has said that the state government’s FOCUS and PRIME programmes are a blessing for cooperative societies and self-help groups.

Tynsong was responding to allegations made by the leader of the opposition, Mukul Sangma, that the present government has no new initiatives but is instead taking credit for a project he initiated while serving as chief minister.

“Mukul Sangma has been the chief minister for eight years but why didn’t he complete the Crowborough Hotel? he asked while speaking to reporters here.

He said that there were so many challenges for the MDA government but under the leadership of Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma it has been able to complete construction of the hotel.

Tynsong said that the JW Marriot Hotel too will be inaugurated soon.

“Let Mukul say whatever he wants because he does not have any issues to talk about and I know people also do not trust him anymore,” he said.

It may be mentioned that the leader of opposition pointed out the “sheer lie” in the projection of the FOCUS scheme by the MDA.

While addressing an AITC block level meeting at Selsella recently, he said, “During my time in the government, to ensure that each family has at least three income sources, we introduced the Integrated Basin Development and Livelihood Promotion project. The FOCUS scheme is a part of the very same Basin Development scheme. The MDA initially demonised the IBDLP scheme, however, to this date the MDA has no unique scheme which does not root from the IBDLP.”


Away at Rajabala in West Garo Hills, Mukul, on the other hand, questioned NPP’s ability to win at most 5–6 seats in Garo Hills.

Speaking at a AITC block level conference, he said, “This data is provided by NPP’s survey and not mine.”

Sangma stressed the need of using democratic rights responsibly, saying, “The fate of our country is decided by the people, specifically through their engagement in democracy. For the benefit of the nation and our community, each person must exercise their democratic rights.

On rehabilitation of surrendered militants, he stated, “At the assembly, politicians from the current dispensation are proudly showcasing decreased number of murder, kidnapping and other crimes. But who rehabilitated them? During my tenure as chief minister, we used a multi-pronged comprehensive approach to restore order and peace.”

Taking a jibe at the ruling dispensation’s promotion of favouritism, he explained, “After Bangladesh liberation, border haats were closed. During my tenure, those haats were reopened. I inaugurated two haats myself. Of late, a committee has been formed to select people who can conduct business there. Under the MDA government, as nepotism and favouritism have pervaded all space only their relatives or associates have received necessary permission.”

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