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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

UDP VP asks Pala for proof of corruption

Dkhar said that Pala is making such allegations because elections are coming.

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United Democratic Party (UDP) vice-president Allantry Franklin Dkhar on September 22 said that it does not behove a person of the stature of Vincent H Pala to make wild allegations against the government.

It may be mentioned that Pala, who is the president of the Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC), recently stated that the Home department was the most corrupt.

“From time to time we have said that if you prove your allegations and if you find that those involved are members of the UDP, the law should not spare him,” the UDP vice-president said.

It may be mentioned that the Home department is held by Lahkmen Rymbui of the UDP.

Dkhar said that Pala is making such allegations because elections are coming.

“He should be asked when, where, how and who are collecting money from vehicles carrying coal, sand, charcoal, betel nut and leaves,” Dkhar said.

Dkhar said that it was easy to accuse someone but to go to the bottom of the matter one needs documentary proof.

Recently, the MPCC president said that there is illegal collection of money on the highways.

According to Pala, he was recently in Umkiang, East Jaintia Hills district and alleged that trucks carrying betel nuts and leaves have to pay Rs 20, 000 per truck, those carrying coal have to cough up Rs 1.5 lakh, those carrying sand have to pay Rs 10, 000 per truck, from limestone they take Rs 20, 000 per truck and even vehicles carrying charcoal have to pay Rs 2000 per vehicle.

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