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UDP’s Leslee Sangma to take on Conrad Sangma in South Tura

The two candidates in the second list include former South Tura legislator John Leslee K Sangma and Dr Pilne Sangma from North Tura


The United Democratic Party (UDP) has fielded former MLA and MDC John Leslee Sangma against Chief Minister Conrad Sangma in the upcoming 2023 general elections.

The state election committee (SEC) of UDP, on January 9, announced the names of two candidates – John Leslee Sangma from South Tura and Dr Pilne A. Sangma from North Tura in the second list.

Pilne had contested the 2018 general assembly elections as an independent candidate and is set to face the Chief Minister’s uncle Thomas Sangma.

Leslee recently entered the BJP, but was in the saffron camp for only a short time.

He said, “I have decided to contest from UDP. My focus has been to protect the rights of the indigenous people and have always strived in that line.”

He expressed concern at the recent incidents across the country during Christmas and the circulars seen across Churches in Assam.

Leslee also took note of the atrocities committed against Christians and felt it is wrong for him to stay in the party.

As for the circulars sent to Churches across Assam, he said that Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma should take action against violators.

Having taken his supporters into confidence, he joined the UDP as he had seen their performance in the state.

Speaking about Conrad Sangma, Leslee said that Conrad has an opportunity to work for the people of South Tura but not having time for his constituency is a disadvantage.

“I think the biggest drawback for Conrad was becoming a Chief Minister without having any time for the people of South Tura. Everytime, he goes to Tura, it is a whirlwind tour,” he said.

He criticized that the CM is having fear psychosis and panic as he said that pictures, boardings are put up every 10 kms apart.

Leslee claimed that the pictures and boardings were not put up by Conrad’s supporters but by labourers.

Commenting on likely BJP candidate Bernard Marak, he said that the people of Tura know what happened and claimed that it will go against him and the BJP.

He said, “I definitely feel that he is not the right candidate for the people. I feel that a party should choose a candidate without any criminal record. I feel this will go against the BJP.”

Asked about the prospect of UDP in Garo Hills, Leslee said that the UDP has to work hard.

He went on to say that it was late Purno Sangma who was the architect of the thought that UDP is a Khasi party.

Pilne Sangma said, “We have enough time.” She went on to say that the UDP does have a vote bank in Garo Hills as it was popular since the days of All Party Hill Leaders Conference (APHLC).

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