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Uttarakhand Roadways Bus Time Table

Commonly known as “Devbhumi or the Land of Gods”, Uttarakhand is one of the best places to visit for its natural beauty and holistic appeal. Thronged with countless devotees all throughout the year, it is the perfect destination for spirituality. Also, for those seeking some thrill and respite from their monotonous lives in the city, it doesn’t get better than the towering mountains of the region. From adventure sports such as river rafting in Rishikesh to exploring the rich wildlife at the Jim Corbett National Park to bathing in the Holy Ganges at Haridwar, there is so much to do here.

Whether you are traveling solo or with someone, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the crisp mountain air and the scenic surprise of freshwater streams. Road transport is one of the main modes through which people travel through the place. More than 4000 buses and public transportation vehicles ply the 28000 km of interstate routes, national highways, and state roads from and to Uttarakhand.

Helpline Numbers for Uttarakhand Roadways Transport

Public transport is undoubtedly a fantastic way to cut back on the expenses for someone who is planning a trip to the mountains of Uttarakhand. Just imagine how much you will be able to save when you book a bus instead of opting for expensive flights. Plus, enjoying the mesmerizing beauty of the hilly pathways is an experience that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on. Not only is bus travel more economically sensible but it is a convenient option as well. If you aren’t in the mood to drive along the treacherous mountain roads, traveling by bus will definitely serve your purpose. Keeping that in mind we have compiled some data about the roadways transport helpline in Uttarakhand. Get to know all the ins and outs of the place with ease.

Inter-State Bus Terminal Dehradun: 0135-2131309

Dehradun Hill Service: 8476005705

Rishikesh Helpline:  0135-2430066, 2430008, 2430209, 1800-180-4145

Haridwar Helpline: 01334-227037

Dehradun Helpline: 0135-3093367/68/69, 2623435

Uttarakhand Roadways Service

Uttarakhand Transport Corporation, with the vision to offer commuters with amazing bus services, offers a gamut of choices that cater to the demands of passengers from all over the world. Most 5 different types of bus services are offered for commuting to and from Uttarakhand. From highly comfortable AC Volvo buses to Low-Floor City Buses, there are various options available for safe travel.

Volvo Bus Service in Uttarakhand

The Volvo Bus Service in Uttarakhand is destined to provide pampered and luxurious travel options to different cities from Delhi, Gurugram, Katra, and Jaipur. While traveling through the curvy mountainous, these buses ascertain your comfort level and make your experience of traveling much smoother and breezy. Volvo buses in Uttarakhand operate from 5 AM to 12 PM between Dehradun and Delhi. So, commuters will have no problem finding a bus every single hour. Haridwar also has a fantastic connection of Volvo Buses to Delhi and Jaipur.

AC Janrath Services in Uttarakhand

The comfort and convenience of traveling in an AC Janrath bus are unparallel to any other experience for sure. An initiative made by the Uttarakhand Government, these buses might be a tad bit slower than the Volvo buses. However, they offer excellent travel comfort for the price of a ticket. Reclining seats and an overall comfortable design will ensure smooth traveling.

Deluxe Bus Services in Uttarakhand

For those on the lookout for well-maintained buses that have sleeper options to make an overnight journey, these deluxe buses are it. Travel anywhere in Uttarakhand at an affordable rate since these buses have a very high frequency in the cities of North India.

Ordinary Bus Services in Uttarakhand

While the ordinary buses have a low rating in terms of comfort, there is enough luggage space and these buses tend to have cheaper tickets when compared to the others.

Low-floor Bus Services in Uttarakhand

The lowest of the options when it comes to comfort, low-floor buses are the least popular option in the region. These buses consist of zero space between the bus floor and the ground. In an effort to cater to the transport requirements of different urban citizens, these buses are plying in associated with the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM).

Uttarakhand Roadways Bus Time Table

In order to travel to Uttarakhand, there is a wide array of public and private transport buses available. The information for these buses is provided in the table below.

Buses Available Timing
Delhi to Almora Bus 08:00 hrs, 09:00 hrs
AV to Bungidhar Bus 18:00 hrs
AV to Bejaro Bus 18:30 hrs
AV to Dharchulla Bus 16:00 hrs
AV to Lohaghat Bus 16:00 hrs – 20:00 hrs
KG to Agastmuni Bus 21:00 hrs
KG to Birokhal Bus 21:00 hrs
KG to Srinagar Bus 20:00, 21:30 hrs
KG to Uttarkashi Bus 21:00 hrs
AV to Deghat Bus 18:00 hrs
AV to Gairsain Bus 18:30 hrs
AV to Munsiyari Bus 16:30 hrs
AV to Pithoragarh Bus 17:30 hrs, 18:30 hrs
AV to Ranikhet Bus 19:30 hrs, 20:00 hrs
KG to Dehradun Bus 11:00 hrs, 12:15 hrs
KG to Karnaprayag Bus 20:30 hrs
KG to Pauri Bus 20:30 hrs, 21:30 hrs

Uttarakhand Bus From Any Location

There are buses available to and from Uttarkhand that reach various major cities, villages, and other surrounding locations. The timings for the buses are mentioned below.

Buses Available Timing
Agra to Haridwar Bus 07:00hrs
Almora to Gurugram Bus 04:30 hrs
Auli to Haridwar Bus 04.00 hrs
Bageshwar to Dehradun Hill Bus 05.00 hrs
Baijro to Delhi Bus 06.00 hrs
Balawaladdn to Delhi Bus 19.00 hrs
Barkot to Dehradun Hill Bus 05.30 hrs,11.45 hrs
Birokhal to Dehradun Hill Bus 05.00 hrs
Bungidhar to Delhi Bus 06.00 hrs
Chandigarh to Kotdwar Bus 23.15 hrs
Chandigarh to Haldwani Bus 18.00 hrs
Dehradun Hill to Bageshwar Bus 05.00 hrs
Dehradun Hill to Barkot Bus 11.59 hrs
Dehradun Hill to Birokhal Bus 06.00 hrs
Dehradun Hill to Borari Bus 05.30 hrs
Dehradun Hill to Mandal Bus 04.00 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Haldwani Bus 18.00 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Gurgaon/ Gurugram Bus 05.30 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Delhi Kashmiri Gate ISBT Bus 05.45 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Kanpur Bus 06.00 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Tanakpur Bus 05.30 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Almora Bus 04:30 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Agra Bus 04.00 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Ranikhet Bus 05.00 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Nainital Bus 06.00 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Pithoragarh Bus 19.00 hrs
Delhi Anand Vihar to Haldwani Bus 11.45 hrs
Delhi to Dehradun Bus 11.59 hrs
Delhi to Paonta Sahib Bus 6.00 hrs
Delhi to Nainital Bus 05.45 hrs
Delhi to Ranikhet Bus 04:30 hrs
Delhi to Jalli Bus 04.00 hrs
Delhi to Jourasi Bus 05.00 hrs
Delhi to Ganayi Bus 06.00 hrs
Dharamshala to Diglingddn Bus 19.00 hrs
Deghat to Delhi Bus 05.30 hrs,11.45 hrs
Gurugram to Tanakpur Bus 18.00 hrs
Gurugram to Almora Bus 05.30 hrs
Gurugram to Kotdwar Bus 05.00 hrs
Gurugram to Dehradun Bus 05.45 hrs
Gurugram to Pithoragarh Bus 06.00 hrs
Haldwani to Dehradun Bus 05.30 hrs
Haldwani to Gurgaon/ Gurugram Bus 04:30 hrs
Haldwani to Faridabad Bus 04.00 hrs
Haldwani to Jaipur Bus 05.00 hrs
Haldwani to Ludhiana Bus 19.00 hrs
Haldwani to Lucknow Bus 10.45 hrs
Haldwani to Chandigarh Bus 05.00 hrs
Haldwani to Agra Bus 11.59 hrs
Haridwar to Agra Bus 05.30 hrs
Haridwar to Auli Bus 05.00 hrs
Haridwar to Kaithal Bus 03.45 hrs
Haridwar to Pushkar Bus 06.00 hrs
Hisar to Haldwani Bus 07:00hrs
Jaipur to Dehradun Bus 04:30 hrs
Jaipur to Haldwani Bus 04.00 hrs
Jalli to Delhi Bus 05.00 hrs
Jourasi to Delhi Bus 06.00 hrs
Kalsigate to Delhi Bus 19.00 hrs
Kanpur to Dehradun Bus 06.30 hrs
Kotdwar to Gurgaon/ Gurugram Bus 05.00 hrs
Kotdwar to Faridabad Bus 11.59 hrs
Kotdwar to Chandigarh Bus 05.30 hrs
Kotdwar to Faridabad Bus 23.15 hrs
Kotdwar to Gurugram/ Gurgaon Bus 18.00 hrs
Ludhiana to Haldwani Bus 05.30 hrs
Mandal to Dehradun Hill Bus 05.00 hrs
Nainital to Delhi Bus 12.45 hrs
Nainital to Dehradun Bus 06.00 hrs
Pithoragarh to Dehradun Bus 04.00 hrs
Pithoragarh to Haldwani Bus 05.00 hrs
Pithoragarh to Gurgaon/ Gurugram Bus 06.00 hrs
Paonta Sahib to Delhi Bus 19.00 hrs
Premnagarddn to Faridabad Bus 18.00 hrs
Purola to Dehradun Hill Bus 05.00 hrs
Pushkar to Haridwar Bus 11.59 hrs
Ramnagar to Delhi Bus 06.00 hrs
Ranikhet to Delhi Bus 23.15 hrs
Rishikesh to Delhi Bus 05.30 hrs
Srinagar to Dehradun Hill Bus 05.00 hrs
Tanakpur to Dehradun Bus 05.30 hrs
Tapovan to Dehradun Hill Bus 06.00 hrs
Tilwara to Dehradun Hill Bus 07:00hrs
Tripalisain to Dehradun Hill Bus 04:30 hrs
Ukhimath to Dehradun Hill Bus 04.00 hrs
Uttarkashi to Dehradun Hill Bus 05.00 hrs

Wrapping Up,

Bus service in Uttarakhand has gone through tremendous improvement over the years to make the experience of traveling more comfortable and enjoyable for travelers. With countless tourists visiting the serene lands of Uttarakhand throughout the year, several changes have been made to the buses and routes. If you too want to explore the mesmerizing beauty of Uttarakhand via the roads, book your tickets for Uttarakhand Roadways Buses right now.

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