As part of its social initiative campaigns, the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) Shillong Chapter has undertaken a number of commendable social service work in the city of Shillong.

In their rennetless pursuit of offering help at most crucial times, the VHP has stood up for noble causes on various occasions, exhibiting utter commitment to work, and hallmark identity as a global organisation.

One such social service was seen on concluding day of Chhath Puja festival at Rilbong Ghat in Shillong on Monday, when members participated in a noble cause of distributing food and tea to the public and the congregation.

The zeal to help the public was seen at the Rilbong Ghat, when VHP had exclusively set up a facility to distribute food and tea to the public and devotees who had gathered at the place where the devotees offered prayers since 3 am.

β€œThis noble task has been an annual ritual of the VHP. It is not just distribution of food, we also carry out cleaning drives, ration distribution as part of our resourceful and community-led services,” a member of the VHP said on the condition of anonymity.

The noble cause demonstrated the members’ unwavering commitment to serving the public in the face of overwhelming obstacles as they invited everyone to join them for tea or food.

From arrangements to cleaning the ghat after the festival, the VHP members were on duty throughout the morning hours to ensure everything was in place as the crowds left.

Apart from the above-mentioned social service initiatives, the VHP also plans to carry out health camps in various localities of Shillong in the near future to show that the organisation is not just a religious or political entity, but a group that endeavours to help the public in times of need.