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Vital Liver Function

Digestive system of a human body in simple terms is comparable to that of a journey which consists of different stages starting from initial point and ending at the last destination. The route taken by food consumed by humans whether it is solid or liquid or mixture of both begins once it enters the mouth where teeth chew and break it into crumbs with help of saliva secreted by various glands which contributes fluid and enzymes. From the mouth then it passes with little or no change through the throat and gullet into the stomach. Acid and more enzymes present in the stomach act upon the food turning it into a semi fluid mass which is next released to intestines where most of nutrients are absorbed into blood in veins which will further carry them to liver for further digestion. The liver also receives blood from other abdominal organs like spleen and then distributes them to different parts of the body leaving dehydrated mass to be passed out of the system via rectum and anal canal. During these different stages of operation within human body the liver plays a vital role and capable of absorbing dangerous and harmful ingredients which requires cleansing and flushing failing which it may be susceptible to various ailments leading to cancer. Consumption of alcohol frequently and excessively is mainly responsible for liver cancer which is mostly common among adults and middle-aged, especially males, who finally succumb to the deadly disease. Types of food that people eat and lifestyle determine quality of liver.

In earlier years when life was simple, people ate ordinary food devoid of spices and oily ingredients, manual labour was the norm and travelling was mostly on foot, they were hale and hearty with hardly any worries or tensions and so many lived up to old age. With development of science and technology many inventions had made life very cosy and comfortable, work culture has drastically changed and people in general have no more leisure for body exercise. As a result, overweight or obesity, diabetes, hypertension, etc., are becoming more common which are matters of great concern affecting health and well-being of citizens. Liver collects fats not simply because of alcoholic drinks but also lifestyle ailment which is common among 25-30 per cent of the world population. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is prevalent in India and about 45per cent of population are victims, raising much concern to members of medical profession. Awareness of fatal disease and taking necessary precautionary measures right from young age are important. Main menace is due to sedentary lifestyle and careless attitude in food consumption at the initial stage which may soon develop into tempting and unavoidable habit.

When early signs of obesity and diabetes are seen and felt, people should immediately visit hospital clinics for blood tests, ultrasound and few other tests which if neglected may lead to complication like kidney disease, cardio-vascular disease, bone loss and cancer. Hence, consciousness right from early ages is important.

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