VPP general secretary Dr Ricky AJ Syngkon


The opposition Voice of the People Party (VPP) on June 19 asked the state government to provide compensation to cattle farmers, suppliers and sellers whose livelihood have been gravely affected due to the Lumpy skin disease in cattle.

In a memorandum to the Animal Husbandry & Veterinary department AL Hek, VPP general secretary Dr Ricky AJ Syngkon said, “Firstly, adequate compensation may be made to the cattle farmers, suppliers and the sellers in their hour of crisis, considering that their main source of livelihood is gravely affected.”

He said the party also suggested that a team of veterinarians from the state and other central government agencies (such as the ICAR) may be constituted to undertake the necessary tests on cattle farms to determine the disease’s prevalence or absence.

“In the instance of farms where the cattle are found to have not been affected by the disease, the concerned department or any designated government entity may provide a certificate to the concerned cattle farmer or supplier, allowing them to resume regular operations,” Dr Syngkon said.

Further, the VPP general secretary said that since the occurrence of disease in animal farms or the livestock industry affects cattle owners and farmers from time to time, the introduction of an insurance scheme would provide a means of security and protection against any such loss that the farmers might suffer while also providing an impetus to ensure the continuity and growth of this important sector.