Lone VPP candidate from Ri Bhoi Ricky A J Syngkon, NEHU professor who will contest his first election from Umsning Constituency has taken necessary steps to fight in the upcoming election even though Umsning Constituency already has the best candidate to contest, making the election difficult for him.

Speaking to the media after filing his nomination, Syngkon said, “Our people, our state now is on the edge of the cliff and it may fall any time and if we continue this path we will not succeed, therefore we have come forward to reform and reshape the state.”

Furthermore, he added, “We hope that people now understand what is the correct path to go as we have seen what is not there in Ri Bhoi district and if we turn our eyes to Umsning, everything is there by the grace of God. It is sad to say that there has been a lack of process in the last 30 years, therefore we have come forward to lead”, further expressing happiness for the love and support of the public towards VPP.

“We hope people will be happy to see the change in the district and the whole state,” Syngkon added.