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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Will pursue Centre to set up Central Agricultural University: Banteidor Lyngdoh

He further informed that the Ministry of Agriculture has assured that the proposal of the state government will be examined.


Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare (AFW) minister, Banteidor Lyngdoh, informed that the state government is pursuing with the Centre to set up a Central Agricultural University (CAU) at Kyrdem Kulai, Ri Bhoi district, on March 16.

“Along with chief minister Conrad Sangma, I’ll keep pursuing the matter with the Centre,” he assured the Assembly, replying to a query raised by North Shillong legislator, Adelbert Nongrum.

He further informed that the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India has assured that the proposal will be examined.

Nongrum, taking an apparent jibe at the minister, asked if the state is being “cheated” as the plot of land acquired in Kyrdem Kulai “is no longer meant for the CAU”. To this, Lyngdoh responded by saying that “it is not cheating, considering our determination to pursue the matter” with the Centre.

Mawsynram legislator, Himalaya Shangpliang also asked if the state government is aware that the Agriculture College at Kyrdem Kulai is enrolling employees from outside the state, thereby depriving local people of employment.

Shangpliang also inquired if an agreement has been signed between the government and the college to give priority to local people with respect to employment.

Responding to Shangpliang’s queries, Lyngdoh said, “The matter is still under discussion with the chief minister as this college is being manned by the CAU from Imphal.”

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