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5 best fitness app in India

Fitness apps help with physical activity, various kinds of physical training, nutrition, and dieting. The most effective fitness applications are highly sought-after since most people prefer working out at home than going to the gym. With these top fitness and health apps, saving time, money, and effort is simpler than ever.

These applications have amazing features that will assist you in organising and planning your daily exercise and fitness routine. These fitness apps will also teach you new workouts and provide daily updates on your progress. Most of these apps are free, while some may charge a small fee for additional features.

  1. Home Workout – No Equipment

If you’re someone who does not like hitting the gym, or you cannot or do not use equipments for working out, then this app is perfect for you. You can work out at home every day without any equipment with the aid of a home workout. They provide workouts that target all the main muscles. You can maintain your health and fitness without going to the gym by using training app at home.

With the Home Workout app, you can exercise without any equipment, which makes it a great option for beginners as well. With the help of this app, you may exercise in the convenience of your own home and get back on track.

This regimen was developed by experts and also includes warm-up exercises, videos, and instructions. Both iOS and Android users can download the app.

A favourite aspect of home exercises is that no special equipment is needed. Stretching and warm-up exercises are available, and workouts with premium content are completely free. Computerized workout records are also kept, and a chart shows your weight trend.


  • Stretches and warm-up exercises are available
  • Free Premium exercises
  • Automatic recordings of training activities.
  1. Seven-7 Minute Workouts

For people looking to do HIIT, bodyweight exercises, and other types of training have a lot of choices thanks to apps like Seven – 7 Minute Workout, which is one of the best fitness apps. This app has a unique feature where all activities are only 7 minutes long. The software is simple to use, has a goal-oriented approach, and shouldn’t require any specialised equipment for exercising.

Combining exercises lets you work out longer and makes planning your regimen easier. For those with busy schedules and those who work outside, the 7-minute workout app will help you maintain discipline and fun while keeping you physically fit and healthy. The plans you like to define the activities you are interested in might be chosen.

Any programme, from beginning to advanced instruction, can be found on the app, and equipment won’t be required in any way.

The advantages of Seven-Minute Workouts:

  • There are daily 7-minute exercises available;
  • Training in accordance with a tailored schedule;
  • Encourage and entertain oneself by engaging in friendly competition;
  • Join the 7 Club to access additional features.

Three workouts are available on the app’s home screen: a basic workout, a seven-minute abs-only workout, or a seven-minute high-intensity sweat session. The pre-workout demonstrations, manageable time limits, and affordability are all praised by users of the app.

  1. Fittr

Fittr is the biggest nutrition and fitness community in the market. Our company began training a few people to get fit as a small WhatsApp group. Jitendra Chouksey, the company’s founder and CEO, initially created Fittr as a WhatsApp group to assist his friends in getting active, but over time it evolved into an app that users rely on all over the world. Fittr offers a variety of physical and mental workouts to help you stay in shape, including martial arts, yoga, HIIT workout regimens, agility-boosting activities, Zumba, strength & conditioning, and a balanced diet. You can develop a healthy lifestyle, increase flexibility and mobility, and enhance sleeping patterns with the aid of these activities. They have a large number of coaches who can assist you in keeping your body and mind in shape and allowing you to learn various abilities. Fittr is available for free download on iOS and Android.

It is considered one of the biggest platforms for exercise and nutrition. Fittr provides extensive instruction from specialists and fitness enthusiasts to assist you in getting in shape. is one of the most educational and interesting fitness groups, with more than 2.5 million members.

All of your needs for health and exercise are met by Fittr in a single app. Fittr’s freemium business strategy, which provides free access to industry-recognized diet and training tools, allows fitness professionals and hobbyists to share insights and advice. Users can pay a small fee to receive individualised advice, personalised plans, and weekly follow-ups from Fittr’s 500+ certified coaches.

  1. Sworkit

Sworkit is a workout app that provides top-notch workouts and training, making exercising while on the go more convenient than ever. People can obtain gym-like exercise at home or wherever they are with the help of the Sworkit app. The greatest fitness app for those with hectic schedules is Sworkit where mobile gym training is available. Exercise helps people lose weight, weight restoration and staying in shape. Your activity and calorie intake are tracked by the app, which has Google Fit integrated into it.

The app is available in both Google Play Store and App Store. There are many choices for both free and paid content. Sworkit is a popular app among users on iTunes and Google Play because of its adaptable features: choose your goal from the strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching categories (or select from sets of curated classes for monthly challenges, different skill levels, and specific trainers), enter the amount of time you have to exercise, and Sworkit will generate a workout for you.

This is a fantastic option for beginners who want to try different exercises because of the variety of classes and gradually increasing workload. Plus, since there’s no need for a gym membership or special equipment, you won’t have any excuse for not getting in great shape. With the variety of workouts, you won’t get bored, and you can privately chat the app’s coaches if you have any questions or concerns.

Sworkit is the best fitness app for women and mother’s out there. You can complete the 400+ various workouts on the app in the limited time you have. Whether you’re a new mom getting back in shape or a busy professional who wants to stay active, Sworkit has everything you need to get in shape. Simply download the app, then start your fitness journey right now.

Benefits of Sworkit:

  • They provide six-week courses
  • This category includes exercises like HIIT, cardio, yoga, weight loss, and others.
  • More than 800 light-weight and bodyweight exercises
  • There is also the option of receiving individual guidance from trained professionals.
  1. HealthifyMe

HealthifyMe is a relatively new platform in the Indian fitness market when compared to other competitors. One of HealthifyMe’s biggest features is the availability of one-on-one coaching and even dietary advice, which enables you to go on a tailored fitness path.

One-on-one nutrition and fitness coaching, as well as diet and exercise plans, are all offered on the HealthifyMe platform, an Indian digital health and wellness platform. To keep users motivated and interested, the software is accessible on both the Android and iOS operating systems; along with the dietitians, fitness instructors, and yoga instructors accessible to premium customers.

Users can also speak with Ria, an artificial intelligence-powered virtual nutritionist. HealthifyMe, which combines these services with wearable technology, has another feature that syncs with activity trackers.

HealthifyMe also offers you customised meal plans and workout schedules to help you achieve your fitness goals. The app allows you to enter your meals by selecting them from a database or by taking a photo and uploading it. You can create meal plans that are specific to your body’s needs while also keeping track of your caloric intake.


Fitness apps help you with different aspects of your training routine. You can use apps to help you with a variety of things, like making a customised fitness plan, focusing your workouts, setting goals, and monitoring your progress. A good fitness app can help you save time and money. They help in maintaining a consistent routine as well.

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