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Monday, June 24, 2024

A.chik Theatre group celebrated World Theatre Day with ‘Du.kon’

Tura, Mar 28: Du.kon’ a critically acclaimed play was showcased on World Theatre Day, by the A.chik Theatre on Thursday at the District Auditorium, Tura, along with an opening act by the Department of English, NEHU, Tura. The theatre act garnered a positive response from the theatre enthusiasts who were present to witness the play.

The opening act by the Department of English, NEHU, Tura was embedded with strong messages on different social issues like teenage pregnancies, substance abuse and domestic violence. The play revolved around family dynamics and in the role, it plays in the overall well-being of a society.

The play ‘Du.kon’ depicted a contemporary social environment where trends like modernization and globalization have led to basic human emotions and qualities being replaced by materialism and worldly pleasures. The drama aptly portrayed the constant evolution of lives of the younger and older generation in these fast-paced times where people are in a constant rush of wanting more and more.

Speaking to Hub News, Tarun Sakia, Advisor to A.chik Theatre, said, ‘theatre is an effective means of communication and it can be taken as a medium of teaching also, for character development and over all development of a child. He urged the government and the education department to initiate steps to include theatre in the curriculum or a part of extracurricular activity.’

‘Du.kon’ is a native to Garo Hills which is, in the Garo folklore, to have mystical qualities, where if anyone stepped on it would lose their way and drift through the world without aim or direction, as mentioned in the synopsis of the drama.

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