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Monday, June 24, 2024

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Monday, June 24, 2024

A road crying for attention


It was an interesting to travel along the national highway that connects Shillong to Mawlynnong and Dawki which till today is the lifeline for villages lying towards Riwar Mihngi area of Pynursla. It is an important matter that JICA has funded the construction of the most crucial highway that also connects people of neighbouring villages with Bangladesh who have traditionally since time immemorial depended on people-to-people relationships through trade and commerce. However, what is very important is to note the wanton destruction caused by the firms who were contracted with this project in four to five phases at an astounding cost of about Rs 1,251 crore taken as loan with central assistance.

The road today is worthless to be spoken of, leave alone the MLA of the area who is the deputy chief minister. The opposition AITC of Pynursla had raised this matter and has been critical of the way the entire land acquisition was done and the construction being undertaken. It is ironic that the chief minister says he wants communities to engage with the government but in the instant case maybe various traditional heads were not taken into confidence which is why it is a failed project. Hope the central government listens and demands answers from the authorities of the state.

Donbok Syngkrem

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