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Friday, June 14, 2024

AITC announces list of 52 candidates for Assembly Elections

The list which also featured nine legislators, seven MDCs and five female candidates was announced by the AITC state president Charles Pyngrope in presence of legislature party leader Dr Mukul Sangma, vice president George B Lyngdoh and others.


Announcing the first list of candidates for the 2023 Meghalaya Legislative Assembly Elections with 52 candidates, the Trinamool Congress will enter the political fray with nine MLAs and seven MLAs.

Addressing a press conference on January 6, Meghalaya TMC state president Charles Pyngrope read out the list of the names.

Parliamentary Party leader Mukul Sangma informed that five out of 52 candidates are women. He said, “We have considered a lot of factors in the elaborate process and after a thorough discussion among senior members of the party and committee, the list has been announced.”

He observed that the state has suffered because of the usually fractured mandate that has been the trend in Meghalaya and said that the party will reach out to the people.

On the BJP’s claim that it would emerge as a dark horse in the upcoming elections, an unfazed Sangma commented, “Every political party will have their own expectations, wishes and dreams and there is nothing wrong.”

Asked, Pyngrope said that the party will be declaring the second list in a few days and will contest from all the 60 seats

The TMC’s candidates are Jowai-A. Andrew Shullai, Mookaiaw –Lasting Suchiang, Khliehriat – Sunida Bareh, Amlarem – Alban K. Gashnga, Mawhati – Dr Saralin Dorphang, Jirang – Sunmoon D. Marak, Umsning – Gilbert Nongrum, Umroi – George B. Lyngdoh (MLA), Mawryngkneng – Banshanlang Lawai, Pynthorumkhrah – Samborlang Diengdoh, North Shillong – Elgiva Gwyneth Rynjah, West Shillong – Iwan Maria, South Shillong – Ian A. Lyngdoh Nongkynrih, Mylliem – Gilbert Guidingstar Laloo, Nongthymmai – Charles Pyngrope (MLA), Nongkrem – Joannes Jefferson Tyler Lamphrang Lamare, Sohiong – Stodingstar Thabah, Mawphlang – Mawkordor Rynjah, Mawsynram – Vincent T. Sangma, Shella – Playness Khiewtam, Pynursla – Edmund Khongngai, Sohra – Harold Firming Khongsit, Mawkynrew – Dondor Mawbaniang, Nongstoin – Macmillan Kharbani, Rambrai-Jyrngam – Fernandez S. Dkhar, Mawshynrut – Justine G. Momin, Ranikor – Savio Phrangsngi Dkhar, Mawkyrwat – Sounder S. Cajee.

Kharkutta – Cherak Watre Momin (MDC), Mendipathar – Pardinand D. Shira (MDC), Resubelpara – Rinaldo D. Shira (MDC), Bajengdoba – Tengrak R. Marak, Songsak – Dr Mukul M. Sangma, Williamnagar – Alphonsush R. Marak (MDC), Raksamgre – Dr Prabir D. Sangma, Tikirkilla – Dr. Mukul M. Sangma, Phulbari – S.G. Esmatur Mominin (MLA), Rajabala – Dr Mohammed Mizanur Rahamankazi, Selsella – Agassi R. Marak (MDC), Dadenggre – Rupa M. Marak, North Tura – Rupert M. Sangma, South Tura – Richard Mrong Marak, Rangsakona- Zenith M. Sangma (MLA), Ampati- Miani Dalbot Shira (MLA), Mahendraganj- Dikkanchi Dalbot Shira (MLA), Salmanpara – Winnerson D. Sangma (MLA), Gambegre –Sadhiarani M. Sangma (MDC), Dalu – Sengkal A. Sangma, Rongra-Siju – Dr Rajesh M. Marak, Chokpot – Lazarus M. Sangma (MLA), Baghmara – Dr Saljanringrang R. Marak.

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