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Monday, June 24, 2024

Boost for UDP in Ri Bhoi as veteran political leaders join party

The welcoming ceremony was held at Iewmawlong dorbar hall in the presence of UDP state president Metbah Lyngdoh.


The United Democratic Party (UDP) Umsning constituency is growing in numbers and strength ahead of the 2023 elections as RB Shadap, president Ri Bhoi Dorbar, Rangkynsai Makdoh, former CEM/Chairman KHADC, CB Syiem, former CEM, KHADC and leaders from other political parties joined on August 25.

The welcoming ceremony was held at Iewmawlong dorbar hall in the presence of UDP state president Metbah Lyngdoh, MLA Pius Marwein, MDC Nongpoh constituency Balajied Ranee, office bearers of UDP Ri Bhoi district and supporters of the party.

“With the support of veteran political leaders like Rangkynsai Makdoh and CB Syiem, and the support of RB Shadap, it gives us hope that we will win the upcoming 2023 election with a thumping majority from Ri Bhoi district,” president of UDP Ri Bhoi district Donbok Khymdeit said while welcoming the new members.

The new members, in turn, expressed their gratitude to the party leader for accepting them, and praised the UDP for its contribution towards overall development of the state. They also expressed hope that after the UDP comes to power following the 2023 polls there will be social and economic development and preservation of the culture and traditions of the Khasi and Pnar.

“UDP is the only regional party that has the potential to bring the changes in our state and to fight against national parties,” CB Syiem said.

RB Shadap added, “We have been experiencing national parties like the Congress for many years with the hope that they will help us and serve our people better, but they failed, especially on the border issue and other issues that affect the sentiment of our people. Now through the UDP, we hope we can serve the people better.”

Speaking on the occasion, state UDP president Metbah Lyngdoh said, “There is hope of winning when we see the veteran politicians and political leaders join the party. At the same time, I request our new members to share their ideology to develop the party so we will win the 2023 Assembly election. And for the present members of the party, we are not going to leave you out, in fact we are together with all members of the party.”

Lyngdoh also urged the office bearers to make the party their first priority and serve the people with love.

“If we gain the love of the people, money will be valueless in the election. For the aspiring candidate, who will contest the election, you should work hard to win and when you win, you should serve the people in your constituency and the state as a whole so the flag of UDP will fly high,” Lyngdoh added.

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