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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Brutus has been renamed as Mukul Sangma: Khera


All India Congress Committee (AICC) media and publicity chairman Pawan Khera, on February 13, referred to former chief minister Mukul Sangma as “Brutus” for backstabbing the party and said he will definitely do it to Mamata Banerjee and her party also.  

“I don’t want to comment on one gentleman who is a Brutus now. Mamataji will understand whom I am talking about. If she doesn’t understand, she will understand in a few months or years. If he could do this to us, he will definitely do it to her also,” Khera told reporters.

 “We have all seen, team A, team B, team C, team D – everybody is aware of who’s acting on whose behalf,” he said.

When asked, Khera said Brutus is known by another name – Mukul Sangma.“Brutus has been renamed as Mukul Sangma,” he said while asking the people to read the history of Brutus and the harm that he has done.

The Congress had suffered a huge setback when Mukul and other 11 legislators merged with the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC), which became a principal opposition in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.

Also referring to those who left the Congress as “weak hearted”, the AICC leader said, “…when times are tough and the need for struggle, weak hearted leave, the strong hearted fight, you can see a lot of strong hearted Congress men and women fighting believe me they will win.”

Expressing confidence that the Congress will form the next government in Meghalaya, Khera said, “We are coming here because we are absolutely confident of forming the next government in Meghalaya and freeing Meghalaya from the corrupt MDA government. Meghalaya can see through the collusion, the unholy alliance – some alliances are visible, some alliances are not visible.”

 “Meghalaya wants to vote for a five star Meghalaya, Meghalaya wants to vote for these five commitments made by the Congress party. Meghalaya is absolutely confident that the times are changing for the state and are changing for the better. The times will change when the government changes. We promise you that within the first hundred days we will deliver our promises,” he added.

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