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Himanta Biswa Sarma cannot absolve BJP from failure of MDA government: Congress


The Congress on February 20 said that Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma cannot blame the NPP led MDA Government for failing to deliver on its promises as BJP played an important role in forming government in Meghalaya, and is a part of the same government.

Briefing media persons in Shillong, Lok Sabha MP and Congress leader from Assam Gaurav Gogoi said, “Yesterday NEDA Convenor & Assam CM Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma admitted that despite being a part of the alliance NPP led MDA government – their government in Meghalaya had failed to deliver and questioned where the money meant for development had vanished. He lamented that medical colleges in Shillong and Tura did not see the light of day as promised. He also admitted that the alliance government even failed to host the national games.”

Gogoi said that the people of Meghalaya must know why was the Assam Chief Minister who is also the Convenor of NEDA (North East Democratic Alliance) remained silent and did not take up these issues as NEDA convenor before elections?

“Everybody is aware how the Government was formed in Meghalaya with BJP playing an important role as a broker to form the post poll alliance. Everybody is aware how close Himanta Biswa Sarma is with CM Conrad Sangma and how he was made CM. Now Sarma cannot absolve himself of the responsibility of denying the people of Meghalaya a government that should have been committed to work for the people of Meghalaya,” Gogoi said.

Stating that Sarma cannot just hold the NPP responsible for failing the state, Gogoi further pointed that BJP MLAs Shanbor Shullai and A L Hek are cabinet Ministers in the MDA government, and stop the drama of fooling the people of Meghalaya.

Gogoi in his attack, said that the BJP government in Assam has become unstable and alleged that Assam has seen communal unrest, increasing crimes against women, increase in encounters under the BJP.

“Dr Sarma has claimed that there has not been a single incident in Assam that has affected the religious sentiments of Christian people in his state. On the contrary news reports have shown increasing intolerance towards minorities – Muslims and Christians alike. There have been instances of church demolition in Chirang in BTAD area of Assam Bhutan border by BJP Govt. This anti-Christian attitude of the BJP has increased manifold in Assam as in rest of India,” alleged Gogoi.

Holding the NPP -BJP MDA alliance partners responsible for various scams in the state, including the Assembly Dome Collapse, Covid scam, Saubhagya Scam, and others, he alleged that both parties are in hands and glove with each other.

Gogoi also attacked the BJP and NPP led MDA government for breakdown of law and order in the state, and cited numerous examples from the last five years, including the violence at Punjabi colony violence, Ichamati clash, and others.

“Just a few months after the MDA government was sworn in, Shillong was rocked by violence and the capital city was under curfew after clashes erupted in the Punjabi lane also known as Sweepers colony,” Gogoi alleged.

“The people of Meghalaya are aware and politically conscious to see through this charade and will give a befitting reply on election say to this sinister alliance. The people of Meghalaya need a government run from Shillong and not from Dispur or Nagpur, Gogoi said.

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