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KHNAM legislator slams govt over apathy on bringing stringent laws

Legislator Adelbert Nongrum said that miscreants are taking advantage of the alleged delay and indigenous people of the state are bearing the brunt of it


Training guns at the government for its alleged delay in bringing stringent laws to protect the indigenous people of the state, Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement (KHNAM) legislator from North Shillong Adelbert Nongrum, on January 28, said that miscreants are taking advantage of the deferral.

“The past as well as the present government do not take much care to bring strong laws to protect the indigenous tribal people and… (This situation is being taken) advantage of by miscreants,” said Nongrum.

Expressing reservation against a remark by one SK Choudhury and his wife, who, during a hunger strike protest against the recent incidents of assaults on non-tribals, referred the same to the violent sectarian clashes of 1979, Nongrum said, “It is good in one way as it is a democratic state and country, but they gave a reference of 1979 which is highly objectionable and questionable. We should be careful in making such statements as it may flare up communal clashes later.”

Nongrum, however, said that he would participate in the signature campaign called by a student demanding government’s review of the job reservation policy to ensure equal distribution among the three dominant tribes of the state.

Stating that the policy has become outdated, the MLA said it is high time that the government consider reviewing the same in order to give hope to the present as well as the future generations of the state.

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