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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

NPP spokesperson takes on VPP’s ‘build future’ promise, MDA initiatives already there to build future

SHILLONG, APR 1: The ruling National People’s Party (NPP) has come down heavily on promises made by the Voice of the People Party (VPP) that it would build the future, but did not disclose such a roadmap to the people.

NPP spokesperson, HM Shangpliang told reporters that it was the NPP-led MDA government that had already informed the people of the state about the roadmap on how to build the future of the youth.

“It is very easy to assure the people by simply saying that you will build the future but you did not explain what, and how are you going to do it,” Shangpliang said while questioning the style of campaign carried out by some political parties especially the VPP.

He said that the MDA government has come up with various initiatives towards building the future by nurturing the youth and fostering entrepreneurship in the state.

Stating that PRIME is one of India’s best Startups launched by the Meghalaya government, Shangpliang said that under PRIME, there are 5,500 entrepreneurs who have been supported and it is also an initiative that would help address unemployment issues.

“Our entrepreneurs are not only job creators but job providers,” he said, adding that around 210 startups have been supported by the present MDA government.

He said that it is this government that has also thought for the youth by launching the grassroots music projects to provide opportunities to the talented youth of the state and earn their livelihood.

He informed that 3000 plus artists have been supported and more than 40 Café Gigs and shows organised every month.

On fostering entrepreneurship in the state, Shangpliang also talked about the CM ELEVATE where 35% to 75% subsidy would be provided on 19 schemes such as PRIME agri response vehicle scheme, PRIME tourism vehicle scheme, warehouse scheme, sericulture & weaving scheme, common facility centre scheme, piggery development scheme, poultry farming scheme,
Goat farming scheme, dairy development scheme, sports & wellness centre scheme, cinema theatre scheme, agro tourism villa scheme, any business venture scheme.

Shangpliang also informed that 20,000 entrepreneurs would be supported under CM ELEVATE with a budget of Rs 300 crore, and more than 30,000 applications have been received.

On job opportunities and livelihood, Shangpliang said that the MDA government has projected employment in the tourism sector around 48,500 in the next 4 years by 2028. He said that more than 450 homestays have been sanctioned.

On advantages for the youth through information technology, Shangpliang said that the state government has set up the Shillong Tech Park in the first phase worth Rs 62 crore that has created 6,000 IT jobs while the Shillong Tech Park (Phase-II) is under construction at Rs 121 crore and the Tura Tech Park was sanctioned at Rs. 127 crore.

“These are initiatives which are the foundations for building a bright future and I urge our youth to take advantage of these opportunities being provided by the state government,” the NPP spokesperson said.

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