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Shillong’s inaugural ODR lights up night with Prismer, other electrifying performances

ODR's inception traces back to DJ Knack and Balajied in Pune, envisioning a community united by their love for music.

By Aparmita Das | SHILLONG:

You enter a room, all dark, soon brightens up with musical instruments, you see all musicians and music lovers gathered— all in for dance. True to its name, Only Dancing in this Room (ODR) happened that night in Shillong, marking the first edition of ODR in the last week of 2023. In this electrifying space, DJ Knack and Balajied’s vision materialised, creating an atmosphere where creativity flowed freely.

ODR’s inception traces back to DJ Knack and Balajied in Pune, envisioning a community united by their love for music. “Most IT kids share a love for alt genre music and its various genres,” remarked Balajied. DJ Knack added, “ODR serves as a hub for misfits, connecting those passionate about creativity, be it programming, coding, painting, or art. It’s a place for the unconventional, where fresh sounds and thought-provoking ideas converge.”

As beats reverberated through the venue, the spotlight shifted to the headlining act, Prismer, also known as Rohan Kale. His diverse and therapeutic sounds set the room ablaze. In an interview with The Meghalayan prior to his performance, Prismer reflected on the event and the music that defines him.

Prismer’s musical journey began in 2005, performing in various bands across India. His studies in London ignited a passion for dance music, leading him to DJing and music production. “I’ve been actively involved in music production for ten years since returning from college in Delhi in 2013,” shared Prismer.

Explaining his stage name, Prismer, he said, “When I play DJ sets, I like to keep it open, playing a mix of different sounds and rhythms. Dance is therapeutic, and movement brings a good feeling. Prismer, related to a prism, allows me to give it my own meaning, making it special.”

Headlining first edition of ODR in Shillong, Prismer expressed gratitude, saying, “It’s genuinely an honour. Being in Shillong is incredible – meeting talented individuals and contributing to a community that values and connects through music. I find immense joy in the sense of community it nurtures.”

Addressing the niche nature of electronic music, Prismer remarked, “It’s definitely not for everyone, and I make that clear. Electronic music is a byproduct of the digital age, and not everyone may resonate with it. I appreciate that it sparks personal opinions and thoughts, encouraging people to be more personally opinionated rather than just following what they’re told.”

Other artists like Basscult and McLivin equally charmed the audience that night, delivering stellar performances. Serving as the emcee for the night was Banjop, Shillong’s very own talented rapper.

As the night progressed, Prismer shared a heartfelt message with the audience: “Make sure to follow Only Dancing in this Room; they’re creating something truly special. It’s essential to back local initiatives for our community to thrive. Music holds incredible influence, and I have faith that the local scene will flourish with the ongoing support of the people in Meghalaya.”

With that, the inaugural edition of ODR stood as a lively tribute to the unifying force of music, a celebration of creativity, and a space where everyone could authentically “Only Dance in the Room”.

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