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Monday, March 4, 2024

Time to act


I refer to the letter, ‘Brittle Irony of Mining’, that appeared in your Daily on February 18.

I wholly agree with the writer, Rockiestar G Shylla, that if former chief minister and leader of the All-India Trinamool Congress, Dr Mukul Sangma, really has incontrovertible evidence of illegal coal mining going on in Meghalaya he should make it public rather than wait to hand it over to the government.

Ever since he made the claim, the government has been asking for the proof to be submitted, but that is yet to be heeded. This gives rise to doubts whether one really has any such evidence or was the claim made merely to gain some political mileage at the cost of the government.

It does appear though that illegal mining is still on and here I cite the death of two labourers from Assam inside a mine at Shallang in West Khasi Hills district; it was not an active mine, but according to reports an effort was under way to revive it and it was for exploration that a few miners had gone inside, of whom the two did not return.

It is time the government steps up its vigil on such illegal activity and puts an end to it by taking stern action, otherwise Shallang will be repeated again and again for the greed of a few.

Hubert Jyrwa, Shillong

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