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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

TMC’s Saket Gokhale dares Tynsong to debate on misgovernance


The opposition All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) national spokesperson, Saket Gokhale, on September 22, dared the Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong for a debate on the issues of misgovernance raised by the party.    

A statement said the AITC Meghalaya is here to expose the MDA Government’s continuous wrongdoings and their unholy nexus with disqualified contractors adding that it will not step down until the people of Meghalaya are freed from the clutches of the MDA-inflicted misgovernance

It said yesterday Saket Gokhale wrote to Dasakhiatbha Lamare, Minister-in-Charge PWD (Buildings) unveiling the “illegal connivance” between the NPP-led MDA government and contractors for the under construction Meghalaya Legislative Assembly at Mawdiangdiang.

As per the information received from RTI, the Uttar Pradesh Rajakiya Nirman Nigam, the official contractor for the construction of the new Assembly Building, subcontracted the work to the two disqualified subcontractors namely, Badri Rai & Company and Shiva Enterprise.

“In response to this, the deputy chief minister and the national vice-president of the NPP, Prestone Tynsong, used criticism as a stratagem to evade the situation. He failed to provide any direct and clear reason as to why the Uttar Pradesh Rajakiya Nirman Nigam, subcontracted the work to the two disqualified subcontractors,” it said.

Earlier, Gokhale had written to the government of Meghalaya on various issues of misgovernance such as Shillong Smart City Ltd, Police vehicle scam and Road audits.

“While the MDA government continues to strategise how to retain power rather than addressing the substandard educational infrastructure, rising unemployment and infrastructural collapse in the state, Meghalaya TMC continues to be the voice of the people of Meghalaya,” it said while further claiming that “with every passing day, Meghalaya Trinamool Congress is becoming the only credible alternative for the people of Meghalaya.”

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