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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Turbulence ahead!


Political parties have very important functions and responsibilities; hence, it should be most unlikely that members of political parties end up at each other’s throats. And, yet, it clearly is not the case. It seems it is the season for political parties to turn on themselves and for political leaders to abandon ship, resulting in attacks and accusations and dirt pelting on one another.

With the recent trend in the political scenario, it is interesting to note that the BJP as a party does not seem to have an issue with the Congress supporting the NPP-led MDA government in which the BJP is an alliance partner. The AICC, being at the Centre, had taken a serious step in the matter by threatening the suspension and expulsion of the five Congress MLAs. While none of them wanted to comment on the matter, interestingly, Congress MLA from Mawlai, Process Sawkmie, questioned the AICC’s silence on the walkout of ex-CM Dr Mukul Sangma and his other comrades who joined the AITC. The MLAs, however, are firm in their decision to support the MDA government until their term ends.

Speaking of political leaders and factionalism, we cannot leave out the UDP and the recent development in the party as well. According to media sources, the UDP Nongkrem Circle had decided to project Lambor Malngiang as the party candidate during a meeting attended by the party’s general secretary, Jemino Mawthoh.

Interestingly, this did not go down well with UDP leader, Bindo Lanong who is also from Nongkrem claiming that Malngiang, an independent MLA who has not associated himself with the party, should not be contesting from it as an embarrassing situation could arise if he pulls out at the last moment. Is this also a sign of factions within the camp too, then? One can only continue to wonder what all this is.

So, what is actually going on here? Why would politicians who have been in the arena for a long time with a proud history suddenly decide to engage in warfare against their supposed colleagues? There could be many factors at play here, one of which blatantly put by the five Congress MLAs, is their decision to support the ruling government a need of the hour, especially for the development of their respective constituencies.

As spectators in the political arena, citizens are wondering if this is a new political development in Meghalaya, particularly between the Congress and the NPP, which can be too early to tell.

The Congress, which is a party that had mostly criticised the government on various issues repeatedly, has suddenly changed its path towards joining hands with them, even not paying heed to the AICC’s warning of their expulsion.

Another interesting discovery to look at is the BJP not having an issue working together with the Congress, when these two parties do not get along well or in the same words of BJP MLA and state party chief, Ernest Mawrie, “The tiger and the deer cannot drink water from the same river.”

The NPP, a major player in the field, also has decided to not speak much on the matter, so revelations are still a mystery.

Whatever the case may be, 2023 is the year to watch out for. The battlefield on which political parties are going to go all out to grab the mantle and sit on the throne for another five more years promising a better Meghalaya. And, if the rest of the five Congress MLAs are going to be joining the NPP, other regional parties or will remain loyal to the Grand Old Party.

Strap in folks, we are about to experience some political turbulence soon!

Jordan Diengdoh

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