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VPP sees party forming govt in 2028

Party president Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit on March 18 oozed confidence while making the claim at the party's "rally of gratitude" organised to thank supporters and well-wishers of the party.


On a high after a creditable showing in its debut in the recent assembly elections,  the Voice of the People Party (VPP) now believes it can form the government on its own in 2028.

Party president Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit on March 18 oozed confidence while making the claim at the party’s “rally of gratitude” organised to thank supporters and well-wishers of the party.

Given that the party was launched only in November last year, winning four seats out of the 17 it contested was  way better than more established parties like the BJP, Trinamool Congress and the Congress; BJP, in particular, cut a sorry figure winning only two of the 60 seats it had set its eyes on, prompting the party to admit Meghalaya is yet to accept the essentially Hindutva group.

As for the rally, despite the rain, people huddled together under umbrellas to listen to the VPP leader.

The VPP won from Mawlai, Nongkrem, North Shillong and Mawryngkneng.
Basaiawmoit said  that the party’s performance surprised everyone as people had predicted 0-1 seats for it.

He went on to say that the party won against money power and rich politicians lost the elections.

“NPP (National People’s Party) is afraid of VPP. U prah (the winnowing tray) is not an obstacle for them. VPP is a regional party and it is an upright one. We were betrayed this time otherwise the regional parties would have formed the government. We have decided to sit in the opposition.”

Recalling the time when the VPP and other parties were taking steps to form the government, he said that the party had come forward with 15 conditions, but later was willing to ease those  as long as the NPP was kept out of power.

Soon after the results were declared, the VPP, United Democratic Party (UDP), Congress, Trinamool Congress and Hill State People’s Democratic Party (HSPDP) met to make a bid for forming the government, but that effort fell through.

The HSPDP and later UDP extended support to the NPP-led Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA).

Informing the public that the VPP has been recognised as a state party, he said that the party will stand by its principles.

No discussion on Council and MP elections yet

About the district council elections, Basaiawmoit said that the party has not discussed it or the MP elections as it is  working on strengthening and has elected office-bearers.

He asked the party’s supporters to be cautious with regard to people who claim to ask for tickets from the party for the council elections.

“People are now saying, – ‘we need prah in the constituency’,” Basaiawmoit said confidently.

He added that there are those from NPP, Congress, People’s Democratic Front (PDF) who have approached the party for tickets.

Stating that the party needs to be wise in such cases, he said that there is no guarantee whether those who want a ticket from the party will get it or not.

“At present, we are not talking about candidates as we will go around and strengthen the party first. If people are eager to join the party, they should understand the principles of the party,” he said.

Basaiawmoit said that those in the party should act like ‘disciplined soldiers’ and obey the orders of the party’s high command.

As for Jaintia Hills, he said, “We have soldiers in Jaintia Hills.”

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