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Monday, May 27, 2024

Workshop on decentralised future and web techs


A workshop on decentralised future and web techs was organised by IIM Shillong in collaboration with NEHU on Saturday.

The resource persons for the workshop under the theme “Impact Lecture and Experience Sharing on Innovation, Communities and Decentralised Future” were Jonathan Pereira and Akash Shukla, both Developer Relations at Polygon.

In his address to the students Pereira highlighted the students about the decentralised future and the prospects on web techs in the near future. He spoke about crypto currency, blockchain, Web 3 and the unexplored infinite potential of the internet

He has been driving developer community centric initiatives for over a decade to help build and scale innovation in the global tech ecosystem.

Shukla spoke about the different aspects of 21st Century Skills, Innovation Methodologies which included certain key aspects like empathy, prototyping, testing and others along with relevant examples from the local Indian ecosystem.

He said that the necessity of community in steering up one’s learning and the ways to possess the right mindset to learn along with the relevant resources emphasised on the community development prospects to solve the day to day problems and about a startup is just an idea to begin with.

Shukla has been a part of global startup communities, skilling, and innovation initiatives. He has personally seen the impact of his programmes on 3 lakh plus people across over 20 countries. For his work, he was invited by the President of India and the Director General’s Office, United Nations, Geneva. He has coached 100+ startup founders globally.

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