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Monday, May 27, 2024

Nongpoh MLA holds public discussion on reservation policy 

In the opening remarks, Nongpoh MLA Mayralborn Syiem said, "This is not a formal program; it's a group discussion where we can share our thoughts and suggestions with regards to the State Job Reservation Policy which is a burning issue at present in the state."


MLA of the United Democratic Party (UDP) from Nongpoh Mayralborn Syiem, on June 1, organised a public discussion on the controversial Reservation Policy issue that saw the attendance of residents of Nongpoh and other parts of Ri Bhoi district.

The meeting was held at Sajer Community Hall, Nongpoh, and was also attended by UDP leaders from Ri Bhoi, MDC of Nongpoh Constituency Balajied Ranee, President of Ri Bhoi Dorbar RB Shadap among others.

In the opening remarks, Syiem said, “This is not a formal program; it’s a group discussion where we can share our thoughts and suggestions with regards to the State Job Reservation Policy which is a burning issue at present in the state.”

Syiem also informed the public that an Expert Committee to review and study the policy has been notified, adding that members from all political parties have been asked to present their legal justifications on the issue – irrespective of whether they are for or against the review of the reservation policy.

During the public meeting, the attendees raised a lot of questions and doubts on the quota policy and urged the local MLA to raise this issue in the Assembly.

One of the speakers said, “If the existing 40:40:15:5 policy remains, they have no problem, but the roster should be implemented prospectively and fill the backlogs from 1972. Because if they keep on filling the backlogs, even after 20 years, there will be no posts for the Khasis and Jaintias.”

Another speaker said, “The movement led by the Voice of the People Party (VPP) is not the issue of Ri Bhoi District alone but of the whole Khasi tribe; therefore, we will join hands and unite to achieve our goals.”

Similarly, RB Shadap spoke about the prospective implementation of the roster system and the ramifications it might have on the Khasi and Jaintia communities if it is implemented retrospectively.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Seng Samla Shnong Ri-Bhoi said “The Reservation Policy should not cause conflict between the Khasi and Garo Communities. Both communities should be allowed to present their views and opinions. There should be no communal fight among us.”

Expressing gratitude to the speakers, Syiem said, “This is the voice of the people of Nongpoh and Ri Bhoi and I will present your suggestions and raise it in the assembly. We are in favour of having the policy reviewed. But let me warn you – Don’t be misled by emotions because this a fight of wisdom not emotion,” the Nongpoh MLA said.

Addressing the press after the meeting, Syiem informed that these kinds of meetings will be organised in different parts of Nongpoh and Ri Bhoi district, to understand the mind of the people and to carry forward their suggestions to the government.

“We will also sit for a meeting with others representatives from other constituencies in Ri Bhoi, including the MDC, MLA, NGO leaders and Ri Bhoi Dorbar,” he added.

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