Bindo Lanong set on contesting from Nongkrem even if denied ticket

There have been speculations that UDP will give the party ticket to sitting MLA Lambor Malngiang.

Staff Reporter


Senior United Democratic Party (UDP) leader Bindo Lanong has said that he will go ahead and contest the upcoming 2023 general elections even if he is denied a party ticket.

Hoping that the UDP leadership will have a change of mind and give the Nongkrem ticket to him, he said, “I am prepared, yes… I have been preparing for it for a long time. I have decided to contest from Nongkrem constituency.”

He was of the view that the party must be thinking about the process since they have not announced anything yet.

Lanong said, “I am from UDP and I hope that the party will think about it as all these days they said no to me and allot ticket to someone who is not from UDP, but they have not decided anything yet, I can only hope they reconsider their decision.”

Careful to not take the name of the probable candidate from UDP, Lanong was clearly miffed that the ticket could go to someone who has been hopping from one party to another.

There have been speculations that UDP will give the party ticket to sitting MLA Lambor Malngiang. He attended the recently-held 25th Foundation Day of the party.

He said he was determined to contest the election even if the party did not give him the ticket and will not turn back from the public or let down his supporters.

Asked if he was consulted with regard to ticket allotment, Lanong indicated that he was sidelined by the UDP leadership and said that those who support his candidature should come out and speak.

He said, “As it is now, I am the senior most in the party, I have been there since late BB Lyngdoh, late EK Mawlong, late Dr Donkupar Roy. I feel that those who came after me should look at history. I agree that ticket allotment is not anyone’s entitlement but they should take into account the basis and the criteria. There was no one to call me. I am very vocal in the party and show the way.”

“Till date, they (the party) believe that he is far better than me. So, we will see about that,” he said.

Lanong said that the party will have no future if it does not know how to choose candidates and said, “There is no fairness and there is no respect for seniors also.”

As for the statement that the party will get 30 seats in the upcoming elections, he said that any party can make such claims.

When pointed out that those who missed the party ticket might form a new party, he said, “That cannot be ruled out. It is difficult to say because we do not know what is in the mind of those who lost their tickets.”