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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Pat for Achievement

In a democracy the two basic structures are freedom of speech and freedom of the press which means that people can speak freely to express their thoughts and minds without any fear of punishment and that they can be published and that public can read. However, rights to free speech and free press do not mean that they are unlimited like tarnishing images of personalities without any evidence at all just to serve the interests of vested sections. People have the right to disagree and to take a different view from the popular ones. Character assassination and brushing of leaders with filth and dirt are not ethical but to be rightly condemned. In general, good deeds are to be appreciated and applauded whereas bad deeds are to be exposed and criticised. Citizens are eager for progress and development of their society and state but mere wishing without action is not enough. To fulfill their dreams, good and compassionate leaders are the need of the hour and it is highly essential therefore that as responsible people they too should elect sincere and capable leaders. Max De Pree said, “Leadership is much more an art, a belief, a condition of the heart, than a set of things to do. The visible signs of artful leadership are expressed, ultimately, in its practice.” Good leaders try to match words with deeds and if they succeed they do not rest easy on laurels but proceed on to do more. Public as a whole on their part too are expected to appreciate good works done and not to keep quiet when elected leaders go astray or abdicate their responsibilities.

On May 31, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma received the award from the United Nations for the state’s best performance in the category of “the role of government in the promotion of ICTs for development” in the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society Forum 2022. According to UN jury, a total of 360 projects were eligible for award as per norms and provisions laid down out of which 90 best projects were invited to Geneva, Switzerland for the final award, and India had to contest with Australia, China, Argentina and Tanzania. Meghalaya Enterprise Architecture (Megh EA) was the only project from India to be judged the best and hence won the United Nations award. Receiving the award. Sangma congratulated the people of Meghalaya for their endeavour in making the nation proud. He showered thanks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for having trust and faith in the people of the state. Success of schemes and projects in Meghalaya, he reiterated, is because of combined efforts and dedication of relevant departments. Through assistance of modern technology, hurdles and handicaps can be easily overcome so that public, even those living in remote villages, can avail of amenities and facilities which will greatly benefit them. As is evident, technology has bridged the gap and improved living conditions of ordinary citizens.

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