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Universal Travel Pass – What It Is and Full Guide

Document name Universal Travel Pass or UTP
Official Website Visit Now
Authority Disaster Management Relief and Rehabilitation Department under the Government of Maharashtra
State Maharashtra
E-Pass User Manual Visit Now
Use Ease of Travel during restrictions


Are you looking to apply for a Universal Travel Pass in Mumbai? Do you have doubts about the Pass or wish to know the process of applying for this E-pass? Are you eligible for the travel pass? In this detailed guide, we shall cover everything that you need to know about the Universal Travel Pass and look at ways in which you can apply for one.

As experts around the world debate about the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, one thing stays clear – our lives have changed, and we aren’t likely to go back to the pre-Covid life anytime soon. Some experts even say that the virus would be a part of our lives forever! The ‘New Normal’ as they say has imposed several restrictions on our lives and changed the way we go about the very basics of where we eat, where we travel, and how often we meet people. Governments have been forced to put curbs on travel to prevent the spread of the virus and save lives.

The travel industry has been the worst affected by the pandemic with travel restrictions imposed across the world. Take for instance the railways or suburban rail in India. It was for the first time in history since independence that the wheels of the great Indian Railways had stopped rolling for passenger and long-distance services. Mumbai Suburban Railway or ‘Local’ came to a grinding halt. The otherwise busy stations were forced to shut down in one of the worst affected cities in India.

The One Pass for Hassle-Free Travel

Though we may have already seen the worst in terms of lockdowns and bans on domestic and international travel, it is still a long way to go before the Covid virus stops threatening our lives. Governments around the world have had to go back to the drawing board to strike the perfect balance between safety and economy. Mumbai which has seen a record number of cases has focused on lifting restrictions and offering hassle-free commute to its residents and those in the adjoining areas.

As the Maximum City reopens for business, education, and utility services with several restrictions still in place the Maharashtra government has introduced the Universal Travel Pass. This has been done to keep track of people’s movements across the city of Mumbai and its adjoining areas. The main idea behind this Travel Pass is to ensure hassle-free travel for the commuters while at the same time imposing reasonable restrictions to protect life and curb the spread of the virus. New variants are constantly emerging in different parts of the world, and this requires checks and balances on travel.

What is A Universal Travel Pass?

As the name suggests this is a single pass for commuters in Maharashtra. The Universal Travel Pass would allow travelers unrestricted access to Mumbai Metro, Suburban local trains, Monorail, and other modes of public transport in the city and its adjoining areas. This pass with a QR Code ensures hassle-free travel for residents of Mumbai and its adjoining areas while adhering to other restrictions imposed by the authorities.

Under this pass system, business and non-business establishments have been categorized based on the nature of operations. The QR-Code based passes are scanned by railways and other transport authorities to let eligible travelers move around the city and nearby areas easily.

Who is Eligible for Universal Travel Pass?

Indian citizens who have been fully vaccinated (double dose of Covid-19 vaccine) are eligible for this travel pass. Only adults (those above 18 years of age) can apply for this pass and children aren’t eligible. You can apply for this pass 14 days after the completion of your second dose of vaccination. In case the pass is applied within the 14-day timeframe, the pass issued would be applicable after the completion of the mandatory 14 days post the second dose of the vaccine. Apart from individuals, business establishments that are in medical, educational, or utility services can also apply for the Universal Travel Pass for their employees if they meet the vaccination criteria.

Is Universal Travel Pass Valid Only in Maharashtra?

The Universal Travel Pass launched in Maharashtra can be used across India. This pass system has been adopted by the Central Government which has turned it into a pan-India document. It can be used to access public transport and other facilities in areas that have enforced Covid-related restrictions. Indian citizens from any state or union territory can apply for this pass on the Maharashtra government’s website and download their passes.

How Do I Apply for a Universal Travel Pass?

The process of applying for the Universal Travel Pass is easy. Let us take you through five easy steps that would help you generate a pass for yourself or your employees.

Step 1: To apply for this pass you must visit the official website of the Disaster Management, Relief and Rehabilitation Department of Maharashtra https://msdmacov19.mahait.org/ and click on the Universal Travel Pass on the left corner of the page

Step 2: In the next step you will need to choose the mode of application i.e., either as an Establishment or a Citizen.

In case you are looking to register Establishment, you will have to fill in all the key details that include Category of Establishment, Type of Establishment, Address, Phone Number, Number of Staff needing passes, etc. In this one-time process, you must assign a single point of contact (coordinator) who shall take care of all the necessary communication with the authorities. Larger organizations are allowed to have multiple coordinators.

There are a few documents that you will have to attach with the application to generate these passes and these include

  • Aadhar Card of employees
  • Voter ID Card of employees
  • Company Registration Certificate
  • Government ID proof
  • Industrial Papers

If you are applying for the pass as an individual, apply for the pass under the Citizen category. You will need to give your mobile number which will be followed by an OTP confirmation. In the next step, you will have to share your details including an identity document. You will need one of the following documents to apply

  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Government ID proof

Step 3: Once you have successfully applied, the Disaster Management Authority will issue the passes if you meet the required eligibility requirements. You can generate passes for all eligible employees who would receive a confirmation SMS on their registered mobile numbers.

Step 4: In this step, the members of an establishment or individuals can visit the official website to download the travel pass once they have received a confirmation message about their travel pass being generated. Navigate to the “Download Travel Pass” section of the website and fill in your mobile number. An OTP would be sent to the registered number which authenticates the application. A user must upload a photo to generate the pass in the last step.

Step 5: You can print the pass from the website or download a soft copy on your desktop or mobile phone. The soft copy can be used to travel hassle-free and access public transport in Mumbai and adjoining areas.

How Does the UTP Work?

The Universal Travel Pass introduces 5-tier travel access for the commuters. It has various degrees of restrictions on the individuals and establishments depending on the nature of their work. For instance, if you have a Degree-3 pass you will have access to all transport and areas that have Level 1, 2, or 3 restrictions. A Degree 2 pass restricts your access to areas that have only levels 1 and 2 of restrictions. There is a special Degree 5 category that offers unrestricted access irrespective of the level of restrictions imposed.

Is Universal Travel Pass Necessary for Monthly Pass?

Yes, it is mandatory to produce your Universal Travel Pass while obtaining a monthly suburban rail pass. You will have to produce the UTP and its QR Code would be scanned for verification before issuing you the monthly pass. Railways have stopped issuing monthly passes to individuals who don’t have the Universal Travel Pass.

Why Apply for a Universal Travel Pass?

There are several benefits to obtaining a Universal Travel Pass in Maharashtra. It has been introduced with the idea of offering hassle-free travel to millions of people in the city of Mumbai and other areas and helping them bypass the restrictions that are enforced whenever there is a surge of Covid-19 cases.  Here are some reasons why you should apply for this pass if you haven’t done so yet –

  • It makes traveling safer for individuals as this puts curbs on people who aren’t vaccinated and are more likely to carry the Covid-19 virus
  • It allows you hassle-free entry and exit from the different railway stations, Metro stations, bus stops, and monorail stations in Maharashtra
  • It ensures the smooth functioning of medical and educational institutions without the need to go through additional registrations or the need to generate multiple passes to access public transport and other areas.
  • It will restrict the use of fake IDs and fake passes that have been used by several people in the past
  • It eases interstate travel for people traveling to and from adjoining states

We hope this answered all doubts and questions you have had on mind about the Universal Travel Pass. The Maharashtra State Disaster Management Authority has been constantly updating its policies on the issue of travel passes and we shall track the same and keep updating the latest information on this page.

Generate your pass at https://msdmacov19.mahait.org/ and enjoy hassle-free travel in Mumbai and other areas.


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