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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Mission Fulfilled

By the Editor

People contemplating to help others devote wholeheartedly in fulfilling their mission and hence feel happy and satisfied in the end. Reward however will be much greater when beneficiaries will reap the harvest sowed by them after plants mature. Risakmen Romor Jones Dkhar assistant lecturer in physics at Sacred Heart Boy’s School, Mawlai felt the urge to help the needy, especially poor and underprivileged science students who cannot afford to spend money on private tuition. Initially, Dkhar wrote the book ‘Physics the Magic Book’ for the benefit of class XII students of his school but after much thought he felt that his act would be selfish if he did not think of other students too who need help and guidance. According to him, those who spend enough time in going through the book will greatly benefit. It took two years for Dkhar to complete his mission and he availed the opportunity during lockdown period due to Covid pandemic. For a start, he has printed only 250 copies and hopefully he will undertake other challenges as well. He also wishes that locals who are experienced and qualified should not shirk from writing books especially in science and mathematics. It may be mentioned that John Ranthambor Hay Diengdoh former teacher of St. Dominic High School, Mawkhar and retired central government officer wrote  ‘Algebra Khasi’ in 1977 to serve as foundation course for Khasi boys and girls studying in Classes IV-VI.

Textbooks are special kinds of books meant to cover relevant topics that suit students’ age, class and environment and they are vital tools for teachers and students. As times changed knowledge and information also developed, printing processes covering various fields of human knowledge at affordable prices appeared in the market. Countries tried their best in systematising textbooks meant for different grades and syllabi prepared by experts which were usually upgraded according to changing circumstances. Gradually topics were accepted and diversified giving rise to different subjects so that pupils would be able to adapt and therefore progressed with time. Textbooks prescribed for different classes and grades are following guidelines laid down by government authorities. In social sciences care is taken so that no community or group is hurt and if any adverse remarks are noticed then immediate correction with apology should be tendered. Textbooks bind and unite different groups and classes of people so that nations feel confident and strong. Government introduces and frames laws and rules for education because it is the most important factor for progress and development of its citizens. In our country, education is a concurrent subject implying that both central and state governments have vital role for implementation.

With regard to science and mathematics, care and attention are very important because if foundation is strong then pupils can cope with changing environment. Textbooks may be difficult to follow by average pupils and hence teachers should come to their rescue. Help books are instrumental in uplifting knowledge of young boys and girls and consequently boost their morale. Example set by teachers like Risakmen Dkhar is appreciated and hope that more will be done.

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